We are so pleased to offer to you free ukulele lessons every Thursday after school with Mr. James Williams.


#1 - Buy a Ukulele

It all starts with having the right instrument. There are many "toy" instruments out there but we recommend going to a music store to purchase your instrument. We want your student to succeed and to love music.  See the links below for a few suggestions we would make if you are interested. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. 

#2 - Bring Your Ukulele

Once you have your ukulele, please bring it to class with you on Thursday's and plan to stay after school until 4pm so that you can be in Ukulele class with Mr. James. We will provide you with the music you will need so that you can take it home with you to practice during the rest of the week. 

#3 - Practice

As with any skill or talent, you get out what you put in. In order for your student to be successful we ask that they practice at least 3x a week (minimum) for 30 min. You will be amazed at how quickly they will begin to grow in their skill. We have also included links to many great online resources that you can use during the week  as well. 



It is of vital importance that students do not come with what would be considered a toy ukulele.  As a very general rule, an instrument level ukulele should cost around $100. We have linked to a couple of options to give you some preliminary ideas to work from. These are just examples of options that are out there but we would recommend anything by KALA, LUNA, LANIKAI, Oscar Schmidt or Fender, There are So many options and variations and James is a great resource if you have questions. You can Email him at