Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We believe in supporting the church both locally and globally. There are several missionaries we support in their efforts to bring the gospel to the ends of earth. We invite you to consider joining us in supporting these amazing servants of God as they faithful serve people around the globe and bring hope and love to nations in need of the good news of Jesus.

Missionaries We Support


Sue Carpenter

"Crazy Sue" as she is affectionately known has been impacting Children's lives around the world through her ministry. She has been in more countries than we can count bringing the gospel and training leaders.


Steve  &  Andrea McGowen

Steve and Andrea have been ministering in Thailand for over 30 years. They have a tremendous ministry in Pak Chong and the surrounding mountain villages


Missionaries Serving in Remote Areas

There are also missionaries we support in remote areas of Southeast Asia where it is dangerous to be a Christian and we cannot name them. We ask that you pray for them. 


Al  &  Helen Cambra

Al and Helen have a truly global reach out of their small office on our campus. They have ministries and training that they are a part of in Pakistan, Nigeria, Guatemala, The United States and more. 


Darrell  &  Sandy Blatchley

Darrell and Sandy have been bringing hope to Davo City for decades. Their Family Circus Children's Ministry impacts hundreds of families through food, clothing, children's ministry and more each week.


Jay  &  Cheryl Taylor

Jay and Cheryl have been in ministry since they were in high school. They now lead and train other missionaries on the mission field in Africa at an Assembly Of God Missions Center


Doug Harmon

Doug has been leading a diverse team from the U.S. for 14 years to Guatemala where they ministry through medical teams, children's ministry, village outreach and more.


Rick  &  Carol Rigenhagen

They have served the people in the most remote northern parts of Alaska, the motorcycle community at  Stergis, and have had an extensive Prison Ministry, including death row. Rick and Carol have been ministering to people society has often forgotten for many decades and have seen the Lord change peoples lives. 

Join the mission

You don't have to "GO" overseas to Serve the Kingdom.

For many the idea of missions is something that people go away to far off countries to participate in. But the mission field is wherever God has planted you. Our mission is to lead people from where they are to where God has called them to be.  Whatever we "have in our hand" has been given to us for being a part of God's grand plan. There is not a person who has ever lived that did not have a call on their lives. We simply have the opportunity to choose whether we step into that calling or not.

If you would like more info about any of these listed missionaries or about how you can get involved locally here at CityHope Chruch click the more information button below.

Encourage our active missionaries

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